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For the Love of Branding

Due to the nature of my work, in the last few years I’ve had a chance to meet a lot of people, who sadly knew too little about the importance of branding, nor did they care to know more.  They are all business owners and have money to spend on marketing materials, but their brand is non-existent.   I know if I don’t say something about it, they will be wasting their money on brochures, signs, banners and gain no return on their investment.

Money is not made easily, and most people tend to see graphic design and branding as a skill that shouldn’t be paid for.  It saddens me that they are constantly spending money on goods that people won’t look twice at and their names will be forgotten among the many who didn’t keep up with the technological revolution.

Let’s face it, not all of us grew up with computers or the Internet. Computing and technology doesn’t advance slowly anymore, and it’s hard to keep up unless you are in the industry or were born after the internet made its way into every home.  I’m very proud of my parents who have conquered Google like champs and send me emails all the time (A LOT of forwards).

Think about this: When you are searching for a service or product, what do you do?  Do you go shuffle through the phonebook or just “google” it?  So does everyone else.

Guess what happens if you haven’t done your homework and built a strong online presence, brand identity and Google ranks?  You don’t show up anywhere near the top of that page. Maybe you do.  Then what happens, if your website looks like a million bucks, I may contact you or click that “buy” button. If looks like crap, I will click on another Google link.

The Internet is the future of business.  Whether you like it or not.


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