Happy New Year and A Personal Statement of Change
Thursday, January 1, 2015 at 10:27PM
Clearly Crafty in inspiration

Let's raise our cups of water (guessing we all need some rehydration after last night's shenanigans) to the year ahead:  May it be full of love, health, happiness, inspiration, creativity and our favourite TV Shows.  

I can never keep up with resolutions, so I'm trying something different this year, something I should have tried years ago:

Within the last few months, I have decided to stop imagining myself as someone different in a distant (undetermined) future and only slowly move toward my goal as a result.  I want to be that person now. Actually, I AM that person now and I'm trapped in a moment of pre-greatness, still finding myself wallowing in days past and days to come.  Well, friends, that is no more.  

Finally, I have decided that now is the time and everything from now on will be toward my greater goal and the steps will be as big as possible to make the changes I require to be creative and happy on a full-time basis.  I will change the things I do not love about my surroundings and myself and transform every aspect of my life.  

What holds us back from greatness? Fear. In your face, fear! I will be brave, take more risks and chances, seize opportunities and claim my destiny. After all, fortune favours the brave, no guts, no glory, etc.

P.S: I need to get back to work now (after de-cluttering, it's time for re-organizing), but hugs to all who read this personal statement. Thanks for sharing my moments and sorry I couldn't post yesterday.  I will make two posts on one of these days to make up for it!


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