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Historical Documents of Great Importance (probably only to me)

Digging up my house and reorganizing everything has allowed me to uncover some forgotten treasures.  I want to occasionally share some of these with you; especially the real antiquated (more like retro-I like exaggerating) pieces from my childhood.  When I first moved from Turkey in 2000, I didn't really bring anything from my childhood, because I didn't anticipate not being able to go back to Turkey (for one reason or another) for seven years.  So, in 2007 when I finally was able to visit, I brought back some photos, journals, art, etc.

One of these keepsakes was a very old and worn agenda filled with my drawings from when I was 2-4 year-old, alongside sketches, words, etc. my sisters and mom had scribbled in to give me something to copy.  Until the clean-up, I had completely forgotten that it even existed.  Finding it was a delightful surprise and looking through it was an emotional little trip to the past.  At 32, that little girl seemed like another person and not me; yet remembering her fears, her dreams and her self-faith was a great way to reconnect with her and start 2015. Plus, some of these drawings are plain strange or funny and I have no recollection of why I may have drawn them.  

These are personal for me, but I'm sharing them with you, so that maybe you too will remember your younger version reaching out to you and pushing you to make the changes you need to make your dreams come true.

P.S: Keep in mind that during the years these were drawn (1984-1986) Turkey only had 3 government run TV channels, they were scheduled to broadcast only at certain times during the day and we kiddies only got to watch one or two cartoons a week...


Some little girl crying (there is a crying cat too, but that will be posted another day)

This one looks like a vampire to me...

Is that Andy Warhol?

I'm fairly certain that's a dog barking at a woman, but not sure what the woman is doing? Also, what's up with the shrunken heads?

Completing my sister's drawing...

Is this Mr Peanut or just a look-alike?

I just love the colours in this I used to depict this pretty lady...

Definitely UFOs...

Two starry night scenes with tiny (or possibly toy) cars

Whale or dolphin with mischievous smirk

I really hope you enjoyed a glance into my childhood imagination.  

Have an awesome weekend!


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