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Ooooh, It's a Series of Lists... What?

I hear you peeps.  You are confused by that title and unsure to read any further, but let me tell you here and now, if you were to stop reading now, you would miss out on the most interesting intro and also the explanation of the weirdly specific spotlight posts I'm about to delve into.

OK, I hyped that up way too much, but just hear me out:

I love some things and passionately dislike others.  I'm unlikely to talk about the ones I dislike here unless it's a in the context of a review.  Circling back to things I love.  We all have favourite things. Our favourite things can be similar, but if we don't know something exists, we cannot know whether we like it or not.  That's where the miracle of the internets come to our help and give us awesome picture lists like Pinterest boards so we can collect snapshots from other people's favourites.  

I decided to create a series of favourites lists of things that have nothing in common, other than me obsessing about them... Kinda like this one:



Green plums (translated from Turkish yeşil erik). Click on image...

Yeşil Eriks (Reine Claude Verte) are kinda like tiny little Granny Smith apples with a more plumy (firmer) texture and a sour zing.They are delicious and it's a terrible shame that they are very hard to come by in North America.  If you ever visit a country that these beauties grow in (during the spring), you must try them.  If you have already tried them, let me know what you think!


Stationery Stores: 

Can we go there right now please? Oh my gawd, it's so amazing looking and so faaar!

The above image is of an Australian brand's stationary/craft store apparently and it just looks amazing (you can click on that same image to open a link to their web store).  If I ever go across the Pacific again I will find one of these stores and spend a couple of my hours there.  I'm that in love with stationery stores and craft stores that I can easily spend hours in them, picking the precious tools of my arts and crafts and getting a rather extraordinary amount of satisfaction from it.  Pens, pencils, mannikins, stencils, fabric, paint... You catch my drift.


Chris Ryniak:

Mah goodness, look at his cute little tentacles!I just adore Chris Ryniak's work.  I came across his stuff recently on Pinterest and I definitely hope that one day I can achieve a sliver of his greatness.  Click on the above image to be taken to Chris's blog.


Boxes (please note that the above image also have boxes happening):

Yeah OK, maybe I should not covet this particular box, but I could always make a replica (Click on the image for more info on the... Image! Yes, wow.)My husband calls this particular collection of mine an "addiction"  Maybe he's right. Maybe I am addicted to boxes, but I cannot ever have enough boxes.  Not yet anyways.  I especially love antique and mysterious looking ones and if they really are very very old, then they delight me even more.  

Are there any other box addicts out there?  I want to hear from you!


Ancient scripts:

I have no idea what this says; so there's that...This image has no link attached to it, but I just love ancient scripts, hieroglyphs, runes, etc. and find them very inspiring and there will be a post on ancient scripts I find very aesthetically pleasing, one of these days. 

This is it for today's little list of favourites, but fear not, I will write more of these because they are fun to write!




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