Shop, Videos and Much More!

On my quest to learn and grow, I have seen opprtunities to use my skills to the fullest and pursued them. Now, it's time for another adventure.  I have purchased a few amazing tools to start bringing my designs and illustrations into reality by creating products out of them.  While I was researching my options for desktop equipment, I realized that a lot of people like to purchase their crafting designs instead of creating them (which I understand because it's extremely time consuming).

I also realized that although these tools seem easy to use to some of us, there are many out there who need tutorials and clear, step-by-step instructions to figure out how these things work.  Not everyone is computer savvy and that's nothing to be ashamed of.  Thankfully, it's nothing that cannot be learned.  Again, I understand that not everyone wants to drop money on a die/vinyl cutter and/or heat press to just create a few bags or t-shirts.  Another thing that didn't escape my attention was the collection of designs being marketed to crafters.  While there are many choices available for the ordinary designs you would see everywhere, it is hard to find unique, edgier and trendier designs.  

So, since  have all the tools and pretty much all the resources such as a computer Adobe CS4, etc.  I will be changing the websites up to offer the following:

- Video craft tool reviews and tutorials (tutorials will be free and paid),

- Blog about crafty and artsy things.

- New website is my online store.  You can access it through the "Shop" link right underneath the website banner.

It is a store that was originally created for selling posters, but I will be changing that up a bit too.

Here you find supplies and products:

Crafters and alike will be able to buy heat transfers, rhinestone templates and download files that can be used for craft or vinyl cutters (svg and DXF) (for personal use with option to upgrade to upgrade to commercial license).

Cool people who like my information designs will be able to purchase posters.

Other cool people will be able to buy unique, geeky, but cool and sure-to-turn-heads, t-shirts and other printed materials. I will be upcycling clothes and accesories from discount retailers and 2nd hand stores (only stuff that is new or almost new).

There will also be bookmarks. Illustrated, geeky, smart, durable and beautiful bookmarks, made by yours truly.

I'm excited to finally have the equipment to start.  My test products were completely usable and I'm ready to go.  

I welcome all who want to craft or create using edgier, more interesting designs and all who want to learn from my mistakes and victories.

See you soon in my first video!




Sam and Dean's Reaper Defying Death Count

My husband and I are avid fans of the CWTV show Supernatural and in a conversation we raised the question how many times Sam and Dean had died and resurrected throughout the series.  Upon Googling the questing we couldn't find a clear source that lists everything so I decided to make that resource myself.  Again after many hours of research, design impossibilities and Jedi-like manouvering of Adobe Illustrator, "Sam and Dean's Reaper Defying Death Count was born:


See on and please support loudly everywhere if you want this to be printed!

These will only be printed if people want them to be, so show me how much you love this poster and I will try and get a deal to get a print-run done for 20" x 16" posters and art-prints. 

The Periodic Circle, Orion and Hydrogen are now available for sale if you want them:


Orion, the coolest constellation...

And here is the second poster I will be releasing as a part of the initial prints... I'm really happy with the result (of many hours of Googling, sketching and creating)...


Limited edition art prints! (Coming soon, along with brand new store)

as you may have noticed, or not, I haven't been keeping up with blogging.  The following artwork is the main reason.  I will be opening an online store to offer the prints for sale within the next week or so.  Let me know what you think!


Beer League Logos II

And this one was made for my hubby's baseball beer league team.  This is exactly what they asked for and they loved it.  As soon as I see a printed jersey, I will take a photo and post it too.