Beer League Logos

The plane was made for the hockey team my husband plays for.  I am aware of the striking resemblance to the jets logo, but that is what they wanted and since they're not a franchise I went with it.  If you look closer, you will see that the plane is actually a Kamikaze plane, not a jet, it has a bandana and it's going downwards.  


New Art 

More illustrations uploaded to the gallery.  I wanted to feature the newest ones on the front page too. :)



Sunshine, spring and makeover.

Spring was supposed to be here already, but as usual, despite a rather extraordinarily warm preview a few weeks ago, the main event has not yet arrived.  It has even tried to snow again in the last few days.  I protest by announcing that spring is here regardless of weather and my website is getting a little makeover in honour of the warm days to come.

I was not looking to revamp the brand just yet, but the calling was hard to ignore when I couldn't stop doodling a square logo.  The real magic happened when I created a vector drawing to mimic the doodle.  The repeating C's created an optical illusion of depth and gradient running through the logo diagonally (looks like an X).  I loved it, hubby loved it, so why not?  This is my brand and I can change it up if I like to, right?  :)




Say Whaaat?

I've been away.  I have been working on a different type of job since July (also moved to a different city).  A few things happened in my life since then.  

Two people I loved passed away; my grandmother and Steve Jobs. I got a full time job, even though I wasn't looking for one.  It was one of those opportunities where angels sang along to the offer and I couldn't say no.  As it turns out, I'm not superwoman and I definitely have no brainpower left to do a second job after working the whole day.  As a cherry on top, this new exposure to public (and especially school children) hit my immune system like a shovel in the face and I have been sick about 6 times in 6 months.  Lovely.  On the other hand,  I love this job so much that quitting would give me withdrawal symptoms without a doubt.  Unfortunately life's too short and if I want this, I have to go for it.

So, here I am again, refuelled by the love of life and the calling of my dreams.  I have consulted with my work and reduce my hours so that I can dedicate some more time to my passions;  drawing, designing and writing. Clearly no matter how much I wish, my book will not rewrite itself and my artistic talent won't be discovered until I make it visible.  They were more than understanding and now I'm back.

More to come shortly…


Here you are, Mr. Pointy Ears

This is for an old friend.  It's his Twitter avatar and I intend no infringement.  It's just a dark take on the well-known symbol.