Love Birds: A Valentine's Day Special for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

Since Valentine's day is only a couple of weeks away, I sat down to make something with a heart theme and ended up with these guys.

These little love birds are pretty tiny at about 2.75" when displayed beak to beak. They look cute from every angle! The other thing is that they are completely balanced: I have been keeping them on top of my iMac (one of the newer models that is only about 0.25" thick) and even though I have a crazy cat and they are thicker than the computer they have not yet fallen off! They will be posted on Etsy this weekend. 



The Golden Snitch is on Etsy

You can click on the image to see the listing and more images!


Elven Swords and Other Toys

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 3 is over at midnight today and I finally had a chance to take photos of my latest creations. 

Elven swords inspired by none other than any Tolkien fan's dream sword: the Sting.  The swirl designs glow when orcs are near and they glow in the dark too!  I have a list of geeky jewelry, accessories and boxes I want to make for fellow Harry Potter, LOTR, Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who fans.  I will be updating my store with some great new polymer clay items very soon. 

I have also decided to make some new vinyl decals for the above-mentioned fandoms and upcoming Salute Supernatural Conventions (keeping my fingers crossed that these new items will allow me to afford to get a vendor table and pay for all the related expenses such as travel and accommodations).  I just received the Silhouette Roll Feeder and two fresh rolls of premium 5 year vinyl, so I'm ready to get cutting!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have tons of stuff to make. :)




Mjolnir - Who's Worthy?  Recap!

Who's heart didn't skip a beat when they saw this scene?  I know I watched it over and over again... It turns out Sam WAS worthy, but do you know who else was?  Here is a poster to help you quickly catch up on your knowledge of Mjolnir wielding heroes and villains.

When I originally posted the below design (which I created), I don't think it got the love it deserved for several reasons, but mainly because I didn't have as much of an audience and social media presence.  Since it was a lot of work (I drew Mjolnir from scratch) and it looks super awesome, I want to share again!

It's not exactly an infographic, but it would make a badass poster. Would you put this on your wall? If your answer is "yessss!" than leave a comment and I will redesign to print-size and make it available on Etsy for your adoption.

Copyright Rose Sicard. Do not repost or reuse without written permission or clear attribution and link.


Super Enthusiastic Cacti: 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 2

Yesterday's post was kind of a preview, huh? I found that tutorial a few days back when I was looking for inspiring plants for this project.  Anyhow,  this is how my new encouraging plant turned out.  Doesn't it look so enthusiastic about something?  It's cheering me (or you) on to work hard, keep claying, so that I can live my dream.

If you are wondering what happened to the wooden box/chest I was working on... I had to take a break because I was about to take it out back and set it on fire, but I will finish it, I promise.

Today is the last day of the blogging challenge I undertook a month ago.  Tomorrow, I will take a day off from blogging, but I definitely want to keep on blogging as often as I can (without interfering with the crafting and graphic design work).

Couple quick questions for you guys:  Do you like the encouraging plants idea?  Would this be a good gift for someone who needs some encouragement? 

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me and have a wonderful weekend!