I Enjoy Cute Faces on Random Things

Yess!  I made it!  Today is technically the last day of my personal 30-day blogging challenge, but since I missed a post, I have to write something tomorrow to make up for it and end the challenge.  I'm actually working on some polymer clay tentacles and whatnot, but I found a super easy and equally adorable tutorial for you from

Click on the image to open the link in a new window.

The plants look like hair!

Mainly, I love the idea.  I would personally just cut vinyl because I have the tools to do so, but her way would work if you have the right punches too.  You could also paint the face on if you're good at freehand painting. Either way, wonderful idea!


2 More Days Left (Including Today) Plus Sam Winchester

All character and image rights belong to Warner Bros.

You might already know who that beautiful man is.  If you don't, his name is Jared Padalecki and the role he is most known and loved for is Sam Winchester (as seen above).  This is kind of like those images of bikini-clad sexy women you see baiting people to click on their link.  Usually the bikini lady has nothing to do with wherever the link leads you (OK, yeah I wanted to test my theory and clicked).  In my case I put Jared's image as the image for the post for two reasons.

• He is a gorgeous and talented sweetheart and seeing him makes me happy.

• He stars in my favourite TV show: Supernatural.

You can wipe the drool off of your chin, I'm changing the subject.

Woohooo! 2 More days for the 30-Day blogging challenge (completely personal challenge to activate my year of change).  I can foresee a lot more life-changing events this year and I suspect they won't all be good ones.  At this time I'm going through some stuff that I'm not ready to share publicly so some days I find writing even harder.  

What I've so far learnt from this challenge:  

Writing everyday is hard and it takes up valuable crafting time, but it has increased my audience and I assume that will continue to happen if I can stick to a writing schedule.

After blogging everyday, blogging 3 times a week should seem easy.

• I definitely cannot blog every day.

• If you make a blogging calendar, it really helps finding things to write about.

• Bookmark every awesome website, blog, product, tutorial, etc. to make sure that you have stuff to blog about in a pinch because, life happens.

• Also I've learnt that I'm now very confused about spelling some words because Americans, Canadians and Brits never agree on spelling (I mean which one is it, instalment or installment? Sheesh!) and I was taught British English, have spent a lot of time in the States and now live in Canada.

OK, so I will reflect upon the challenge more, once I'm finished with it.  Tomorrow is the last day.

P.S: I have to prepare an order to ship tomorrow and have an early day, so not much today, but I will be claying tomorrow and working on the box (fingers crossed, if chaos will stay away) and have something more exciting to write about.




Learning What Not to Do

Looking good so far, right?  Try to ignore the bare and messy fronts and see the beautiful bright blue and red I so patiently applied.  Those messy fronts will be decoupaged with a vintage map tomorrow night, but I should tell you that there are some problems with this uni, they are all my fault and I'm super sad about it.

Learning from your mistakes is essentially learning what not to do.  This box painting business has been one challenging ordeal and it's all because it's the first larger item I have painted with acrylic paint and have made some pretty dumb mistakes.  Sure, once it's finished I could write a step-by-step of it, but for now, I must tell you about what I have learned within the last 4 days.  Pretty basic for someone who was actually following instructions or something, but for me: OMG.

First off, I shouldn't have skipped the primer.  It was extremely cold the day I started and naturally I didn't want to go out.  I decided that it would be just fine to paint raw wood with bright coloured paint. I was WRONG. Like, so wrong that if I were to apply an unnecessary travel metaphor I'd say I was aiming for England and ended in China.  What happened without a primer or a white base coat (was almost out of white too)?  It took a good 4 coats to get the colour I was looking for. Baaah!

Secondly, I was bit messy painting the blue on and got bits of blue where I wanted to paint red.  Lesson learned, covering blue up with red is pretty much impossible.

Third and last mistake is really the worst, yet the least stupid mistake. Least stupid, because it was the hardest to see coming for me.  All those coats of paint actually added enough volume to the drawers and the inside of the chest (which only has two coats) that the bottom right drawers are a very tight fit now (not at all easy to open or close).  Arrrgghh! I'm still finishing the project (possibly sanding the sides of the tight drawers a bit too), but I'm not a happy camper.  Worst case I will use the drawers and the shelves separately, I guess.

Have you ever made painting mistakes like these?


Artist Spotlight: Afsaneh Tajvidi

Another artist who inspires me and makes me want to keep practicing and improving my skills is JooJoo or Afsaneh Tajvidi .  She is a polymer clay artist and illustrator (I'm sure she does other things, but prominently these).

I would love to interview her someday, but for now I wanted to give her a shout-out for her inspiring work.  

P is for Pterodactyl by Afsaneh TajvidiThe above work is also on Etsy.  I adore her illustration style.  These are the kind of drawings I loved to see in story books when I was younger;  they are just perfect in every way to me.

This below one makes me think that I would probably sell my soul to be able to think up and draw stuff like this, if the opprtunity ever came along.

Golden Tree by Afsaneh Tajvidi

Then there is her clay work.  Also amazingly crafted, simple and very cute. 

Mouse by Afsaneh Tajvidi

There is so much of her work that I love, it's best if you look through her Etsy stores and her blog yourselves:


Print Shop

Clay Shop

Enjoy admiring her work!



Manas from the Olden Days and That Darn Box

Apparently painting larger things than, say, dice boxes is actually a time consuming act. Especially with acrylic paint.  I think I've spent a good 2-4 hours every day for three days now designing and (so far) painting this box (See the January 9th post if you don't know what box). The colour is turning out a very bright and lovely turquoise/teal and now I will be painting the insides of the drawers.  before my paint is completely dry, I wanted to share a little something I found.  

Now let's get to the Manas, these are not that old actually, but given how much I have learnt within the last two years, they are oldies in my own timeline. They are from my first experiments with Premo! and the Premo! glitter. I don't think I posted them on here before, and if I did, it was a while back.

As you may have already noticed, I have, and always had geeky tendencies.  I played a little Magic myself back in the mid-nineties (gawd, feeling old all of a sudden) and was terrible at it, but that didn't mean I didn't like it. These were wall hangers (or whatever you want them to be really) inspired by the Manas in Magic the Gathering: (In order from top left) Mountains, Swamps, Islands, Forests and Plains.

Now I have to get back to painting, so that I can decoupage and finish (keeping my fingers crossed) the piece tomorrow.