Back to Claying and Crafting (P.S: I need your help!)

Hey, you... Thanks for stopping by.  Perhaps you found this post with a google search or you clicked on a link I or someone else posted.  No matter.  You're here and I'm honoured to have you.  If you go back a couple posts, you will notice that I spent the last few days of 2014 and the first few days of 2015 de-cluttering re-organizing my home.  It had been a few years since we moved last and things had gotten a little away from me.  After a full week of de-cluttering, I have become a bit more ruthless and have found that I could get rid of even more. So, it's not over yet, but I can finally see the light and after garbage is picked up this week, I will clean the house top to bottom to put an end to this madness.

Now that my studio and sewing room are looking and feeling so much better, I think it's time I go back to my crafting. 

Here are a few things on my list of crafts:

• Finish and post the WIP items from yesterday's post (therefore meeting my 2015 PCChallenge quota for the week)

• Upcycle these two items (Not sure how yet, may just paint or decoupage, or paint and add some poly-clay flourishes):

This was for the bathroom, but didn't really fit well and I need some shelves for my oodles of doodles, soooo...

IKEA wooden thingy with a Swedish name (no longer available-bought years ago and never got around to painting it)

• Make a new box (possibly OOAK), maybe a Harry Potter inspired one with a golden snitch on it:

This is just the pendant on an unfinished box, to see if I like the idea. I kinda do...

Now, these are quite a few thing to finish in the next week or two, so I need your help.  Can you please help me decide what to do with the wooden shelf and the box unit?  If you help me brainstorm I will be very grateful. The hardest part of crafting is the deciding...

Should I:

• Decoupage these -with old music sheets or maps?

• Paint and decorate with stencils or polymer clay flourishes?

• Just paint?

• Do you have another awesome idea?  Please share!

Thank you so much for reading and I'm looking forward to reading your opinions!




Polymer Clay Challenge and so on...

It's January 4th and I have been so busy that I didn't finish my challenge piece yet.  I promise I will before the 7th.  I haven't felt too well the last couple of days, so I'm hoping it's OK to write a few things and call it a day. Something more exciting to come tomorrow.

I'm going share a photo of WIPs though:


Can you tell I was experimenting with caning?

All of these are pretty much done except the large pendant on the the left needs to be remade I think.  Also there is the golden snitch, which is almost ready to go on sale.  One of these will be deemed this week's project no doubt, but soon you will get to see my studio!

Have a super night and talk to you all tomorrow again!


Ooooh, It's a Series of Lists... What?

I hear you peeps.  You are confused by that title and unsure to read any further, but let me tell you here and now, if you were to stop reading now, you would miss out on the most interesting intro and also the explanation of the weirdly specific spotlight posts I'm about to delve into.

OK, I hyped that up way too much, but just hear me out:

I love some things and passionately dislike others.  I'm unlikely to talk about the ones I dislike here unless it's a in the context of a review.  Circling back to things I love.  We all have favourite things. Our favourite things can be similar, but if we don't know something exists, we cannot know whether we like it or not.  That's where the miracle of the internets come to our help and give us awesome picture lists like Pinterest boards so we can collect snapshots from other people's favourites.  

I decided to create a series of favourites lists of things that have nothing in common, other than me obsessing about them... Kinda like this one:



Green plums (translated from Turkish yeşil erik). Click on image...

Yeşil Eriks (Reine Claude Verte) are kinda like tiny little Granny Smith apples with a more plumy (firmer) texture and a sour zing.They are delicious and it's a terrible shame that they are very hard to come by in North America.  If you ever visit a country that these beauties grow in (during the spring), you must try them.  If you have already tried them, let me know what you think!


Stationery Stores: 

Can we go there right now please? Oh my gawd, it's so amazing looking and so faaar!

The above image is of an Australian brand's stationary/craft store apparently and it just looks amazing (you can click on that same image to open a link to their web store).  If I ever go across the Pacific again I will find one of these stores and spend a couple of my hours there.  I'm that in love with stationery stores and craft stores that I can easily spend hours in them, picking the precious tools of my arts and crafts and getting a rather extraordinary amount of satisfaction from it.  Pens, pencils, mannikins, stencils, fabric, paint... You catch my drift.


Chris Ryniak:

Mah goodness, look at his cute little tentacles!I just adore Chris Ryniak's work.  I came across his stuff recently on Pinterest and I definitely hope that one day I can achieve a sliver of his greatness.  Click on the above image to be taken to Chris's blog.


Boxes (please note that the above image also have boxes happening):

Yeah OK, maybe I should not covet this particular box, but I could always make a replica (Click on the image for more info on the... Image! Yes, wow.)My husband calls this particular collection of mine an "addiction"  Maybe he's right. Maybe I am addicted to boxes, but I cannot ever have enough boxes.  Not yet anyways.  I especially love antique and mysterious looking ones and if they really are very very old, then they delight me even more.  

Are there any other box addicts out there?  I want to hear from you!


Ancient scripts:

I have no idea what this says; so there's that...This image has no link attached to it, but I just love ancient scripts, hieroglyphs, runes, etc. and find them very inspiring and there will be a post on ancient scripts I find very aesthetically pleasing, one of these days. 

This is it for today's little list of favourites, but fear not, I will write more of these because they are fun to write!





Historical Documents of Great Importance (probably only to me)

Digging up my house and reorganizing everything has allowed me to uncover some forgotten treasures.  I want to occasionally share some of these with you; especially the real antiquated (more like retro-I like exaggerating) pieces from my childhood.  When I first moved from Turkey in 2000, I didn't really bring anything from my childhood, because I didn't anticipate not being able to go back to Turkey (for one reason or another) for seven years.  So, in 2007 when I finally was able to visit, I brought back some photos, journals, art, etc.

One of these keepsakes was a very old and worn agenda filled with my drawings from when I was 2-4 year-old, alongside sketches, words, etc. my sisters and mom had scribbled in to give me something to copy.  Until the clean-up, I had completely forgotten that it even existed.  Finding it was a delightful surprise and looking through it was an emotional little trip to the past.  At 32, that little girl seemed like another person and not me; yet remembering her fears, her dreams and her self-faith was a great way to reconnect with her and start 2015. Plus, some of these drawings are plain strange or funny and I have no recollection of why I may have drawn them.  

These are personal for me, but I'm sharing them with you, so that maybe you too will remember your younger version reaching out to you and pushing you to make the changes you need to make your dreams come true.

P.S: Keep in mind that during the years these were drawn (1984-1986) Turkey only had 3 government run TV channels, they were scheduled to broadcast only at certain times during the day and we kiddies only got to watch one or two cartoons a week...


Some little girl crying (there is a crying cat too, but that will be posted another day)

This one looks like a vampire to me...

Is that Andy Warhol?

I'm fairly certain that's a dog barking at a woman, but not sure what the woman is doing? Also, what's up with the shrunken heads?

Completing my sister's drawing...

Is this Mr Peanut or just a look-alike?

I just love the colours in this I used to depict this pretty lady...

Definitely UFOs...

Two starry night scenes with tiny (or possibly toy) cars

Whale or dolphin with mischievous smirk

I really hope you enjoyed a glance into my childhood imagination.  

Have an awesome weekend!



Happy New Year and A Personal Statement of Change

Let's raise our cups of water (guessing we all need some rehydration after last night's shenanigans) to the year ahead:  May it be full of love, health, happiness, inspiration, creativity and our favourite TV Shows.  

I can never keep up with resolutions, so I'm trying something different this year, something I should have tried years ago:

Within the last few months, I have decided to stop imagining myself as someone different in a distant (undetermined) future and only slowly move toward my goal as a result.  I want to be that person now. Actually, I AM that person now and I'm trapped in a moment of pre-greatness, still finding myself wallowing in days past and days to come.  Well, friends, that is no more.  

Finally, I have decided that now is the time and everything from now on will be toward my greater goal and the steps will be as big as possible to make the changes I require to be creative and happy on a full-time basis.  I will change the things I do not love about my surroundings and myself and transform every aspect of my life.  

What holds us back from greatness? Fear. In your face, fear! I will be brave, take more risks and chances, seize opportunities and claim my destiny. After all, fortune favours the brave, no guts, no glory, etc.

P.S: I need to get back to work now (after de-cluttering, it's time for re-organizing), but hugs to all who read this personal statement. Thanks for sharing my moments and sorry I couldn't post yesterday.  I will make two posts on one of these days to make up for it!


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