Merry Christmas!

Great Christmas day, right?!  Got up, got ready and went to Blake's parents' place for a nice late breakfast. After the delicious breakfast we exchanged our gifts.  Hubby got me a very thoughtful charm for my Pandora bracelet besides other great presents. 

Love and Guidance

This beautiful charm is called Love and Guidance and he thought it was great because the wing signifies my successes (first handmade items I ever sold both at a show and on Etsy had wings in the design)and the heart signifies our love. Isn't that sweet?

Blake's parents were also very thoughtful, got me lots of gift certificates (hurray for the gift of shopping)!  Everyone seemed pleased with what they received, but the most important thing was that we had a great time chatting and laughing all morning.  


Hope you also had a fantastic Christmas and have some time off so that you can get the rest you deserve!


* Sorry for the short post, but it's Christmas, so I kinda want to unplug and veg out for a bit!






How I Missed Out on the Best Christmas Present Ever: The NEVERknead

Bah!  This year I completely dropped the ball and didn't ask for the right present.  Normally I know exactly what I want or at least what I really need.  I always need things for my business, so I asked for Michaels gift cards and then today, on Christmas eve, when it's too late to ask for things, I came across this:

Click on the image above to be taken to the NEVERknead website.

This is an amazing invention called the NEVERknead.  It's simple, built with metal and acrylic and created by a fellow polymer clay artist, Debra Ann. It's a great solution to a problem I often complain (mostly by the way of muttering under my breath as I clay and binge-watch a TV Show on Netflix) about.

The most time consuming part of  working with polymer clay is kneading and colour mixing.  Usually, my hands hurt the next day after a big claying day.  The lovely NEVERknead would make claying all that much easier and more fun.  It's now on top of my wish list.  If I can't get it by then,  I know what my birthday present will be!  


Best of Polymer Clay: Between the 2nd and 3rd Dimensions

This is the first of my Best of Polymer Clay posts and these are some of the artists I admire for their original and immediately recognizable style and their approach to detailed work.  They make sculptural paintings that reside somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions with an unconventional medium...

1. The Amazing Journals and Art of Aniko Kolesnikova

Owl with Golden Eyes by Mandarin Duck. All rights of this image belongs to Aniko Kolesnikova.

The amazing Mandarin Duck is a very talented artist by the name of Aniko Kolesnikova and she creates a variety of nature and fantasy inspired object, of which these journals she makes fit this category perfectly.


2.  A Glimpse of a Long Time Ago by Laurie Mika of Mika Arts

Sweet Peace by Laurie Mika. All rights reserved by Laurie Mika.

While Laurie Mika of Mika Arts takes a completely different style and approach to creating her 2.5- dimensional work, she does inspire me to create more mosaic style work with my own mixed media projects.   I love how everything she makes incorporates different objects and imagery with an antique feel.

3.  The Surrealist Worlds of Meredith Dittmar

All rights belong to Meredith Dittmar.Meredith leaves me without words. I can only find words such as : Holy crap!

Her work is truly astounding, meticulously executed and her unique style is immediately recognizable among a sea of images.  She has taken polymer clay to the level fine-art and I would love to be able to see her pieces in person one day.  

There you have it friends; I hope their work inspires you as it inspires me!


* You can click on the images and the links provided in the text to be taken to the various websites and social media pages of the respective artists.

Any other artists you think fall into this category and inspire you? Please share with us in the comments below!






Tutorial: Colour Inspiration Deck 

When crafting or painting, my biggest challenge has always been selecting a colour scheme that evokes the right emotions in my audience and also immediately pleases the eye.  I have colour theory books and a colour chart (pictured above that I use, plus Kuler on Adobe Illustrator for when I'm digitally designing/painting, but I still find it hard and time consuming.  


While I was starting my annual year-end de-cluttering festivities I found these paint sample booklets I had collected a few years back while I was planning to repaint.  They are laden with beautiful colour combos and I didn't want to throw them out.  As I looked through them, I realized I could make a little colour inspiration deck and about a half hour later I had one!  It's a very simple tutorial, so have a look at the images below for the instructions:

P.S: Please use what you already have lying around, you don't have to use paint samples, you can easily use magazine clippings or other items... I feel like it wouldn't be right to go collect free paint sample brochures, etc. from hardware stores just to make this.

Hope you enjoy!  Please let me know what you think!  How do you get colour inspiration for your projects?  Are you a natural at colour selection?


Joining the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge! 

I saw @KatersAcres's tweet tonight inviting polymer clay enthusiasts to join the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge and since I'm on a roll with my 30-day blogging challenge, I figured, why not?  Basically it's a commitment to finish one  polymer clay project every week, blog about your projects and participate in the dedicated Facebook group regularly.  I already try and make something out of polymer clay as often as I can, but sometimes I work on the same project for a long time.  If I'm participating in a challenge, I will have to keep pushing myself to come up with new ideas and that can only be a good thing!

The one thing I won't be able to commit to is the type of project I will be working on - because, I just love to make different things and can't pick one thing.  If life/chaos/sickness, etc. disrupts the claying, I will make up for the projects I miss.

Here I go:

I will be finishing minimum one new polymer clay project every week of 2015, which on December 31st 2015 should equal at least 52 new projects completed.  

This is pretty exciting!  I'm really looking forward to being a part of this challenge and meeting other artists and crafters who are doing the same.

2015 is going to be awesome; I can just feel it!




Click on the image to find out more about the challenge!