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Super Enthusiastic Cacti: 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 2

Yesterday's post was kind of a preview, huh? I found that tutorial a few days back when I was looking for inspiring plants for this project.  Anyhow,  this is how my new encouraging plant turned out.  Doesn't it look so enthusiastic about something?  It's cheering me (or you) on to work hard, keep claying, so that I can live my dream.

If you are wondering what happened to the wooden box/chest I was working on... I had to take a break because I was about to take it out back and set it on fire, but I will finish it, I promise.

Today is the last day of the blogging challenge I undertook a month ago.  Tomorrow, I will take a day off from blogging, but I definitely want to keep on blogging as often as I can (without interfering with the crafting and graphic design work).

Couple quick questions for you guys:  Do you like the encouraging plants idea?  Would this be a good gift for someone who needs some encouragement? 

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me and have a wonderful weekend!