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Elven Swords and Other Toys

Polymer Clay Challenge Week 3 is over at midnight today and I finally had a chance to take photos of my latest creations. 

Elven swords inspired by none other than any Tolkien fan's dream sword: the Sting.  The swirl designs glow when orcs are near and they glow in the dark too!  I have a list of geeky jewelry, accessories and boxes I want to make for fellow Harry Potter, LOTR, Supernatural, Sherlock and Doctor Who fans.  I will be updating my store with some great new polymer clay items very soon. 

I have also decided to make some new vinyl decals for the above-mentioned fandoms and upcoming Salute Supernatural Conventions (keeping my fingers crossed that these new items will allow me to afford to get a vendor table and pay for all the related expenses such as travel and accommodations).  I just received the Silhouette Roll Feeder and two fresh rolls of premium 5 year vinyl, so I'm ready to get cutting!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have tons of stuff to make. :)