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Happy New Year and A Personal Statement of Change

Let's raise our cups of water (guessing we all need some rehydration after last night's shenanigans) to the year ahead:  May it be full of love, health, happiness, inspiration, creativity and our favourite TV Shows.  

I can never keep up with resolutions, so I'm trying something different this year, something I should have tried years ago:

Within the last few months, I have decided to stop imagining myself as someone different in a distant (undetermined) future and only slowly move toward my goal as a result.  I want to be that person now. Actually, I AM that person now and I'm trapped in a moment of pre-greatness, still finding myself wallowing in days past and days to come.  Well, friends, that is no more.  

Finally, I have decided that now is the time and everything from now on will be toward my greater goal and the steps will be as big as possible to make the changes I require to be creative and happy on a full-time basis.  I will change the things I do not love about my surroundings and myself and transform every aspect of my life.  

What holds us back from greatness? Fear. In your face, fear! I will be brave, take more risks and chances, seize opportunities and claim my destiny. After all, fortune favours the brave, no guts, no glory, etc.

P.S: I need to get back to work now (after de-cluttering, it's time for re-organizing), but hugs to all who read this personal statement. Thanks for sharing my moments and sorry I couldn't post yesterday.  I will make two posts on one of these days to make up for it!



Inspiration is Everywhere

Sometimes, I have all the ideas and no time and other times I have the time and no ideas... Chances are, if you're an artist or crafter (or involved in any kind of work or hobby that requires you to use your imagination), you have experienced this too.  There is a simple solution: File away your inspiration for rough times.



There are a few ways you can do this, but basically when inspiration strikes or you find something really cool that inspires you keep track of it.  You can do this in several ways:

• Keep a notebook or a scrapbook for notes and clippings, etc.  

• Create a bookmark folder on your browser.

• Make Pinterest boards of what inspires you.

• Look at my boards on Pinterest. :)

• For best results, do all of the above.

I now do all these things and find them very helpful when I lack inspiration or ideas!

Anything can provide a source of inspiration; nature, animals, space, people, but since ideas are fleeting, just keep a record of them and you will have a much easier time when you are lacking them.

One last thing: Please remember that you should use other people's work only to come up with your own work/designs, not to copy exactly, if you are planning on selling your crafts.  If you are still learning and making things to get better, it still is much more satisfactory altering designs and making them your own and eventually finding your own unique style. 

Do you already do some of these things to battle a creative block?  Do you have any other ways of call upon your Muse?  Please share!



If I liked beer, I would exclusively drink this kind...

In fact I just might have to start drinking beer just so I can get my hands on some of these specialty brews by Wiseacre Brewing.  These are by far the best illustrations made for a beer brand and they are not just unique, but also nerdy and edgy all at the same time.  

I came across these beauties while seeing who had used the made-up word "unicornucopia" in their art.  I was hoping that I was the first person to come up with this term, yet that was just wishful thinking.  There are so many people who have used this word previously that my head spun, but when I did an image search this particular artwork stood out by far and I had to find out who the creative extraordinaire behind this feast for my eyes was:  It's apparently an amazing artist by the name of Rachel Briggs and now I'm a fan*!

The use of colours, the vintage feel and the detail of the illustration make me so happy that I want to hug Rachel even though I don't know her.


This is another specialty brew by WiseAcre and Rachel's artwork is once again superbly done.  This one reminds me of Supernatural and tons of my favourite classic rock tunes, so I want to try the brew!

And this one gets my love because I love pirates and octopuses soooo much...

Now, does anyone know how I can get my hands on a few cans of this stuff in Canada?

Love it! 

*Click on images above to be taken to the Wiseacre Brewing website.  All rights of the artwork belong to Wiseacre and credit goes to Rachel Briggs.  I do not mean to infringe in any way, but just try and promote other artists' work by giving them credit and sharing what I love.