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Learning What Not to Do

Looking good so far, right?  Try to ignore the bare and messy fronts and see the beautiful bright blue and red I so patiently applied.  Those messy fronts will be decoupaged with a vintage map tomorrow night, but I should tell you that there are some problems with this uni, they are all my fault and I'm super sad about it.

Learning from your mistakes is essentially learning what not to do.  This box painting business has been one challenging ordeal and it's all because it's the first larger item I have painted with acrylic paint and have made some pretty dumb mistakes.  Sure, once it's finished I could write a step-by-step of it, but for now, I must tell you about what I have learned within the last 4 days.  Pretty basic for someone who was actually following instructions or something, but for me: OMG.

First off, I shouldn't have skipped the primer.  It was extremely cold the day I started and naturally I didn't want to go out.  I decided that it would be just fine to paint raw wood with bright coloured paint. I was WRONG. Like, so wrong that if I were to apply an unnecessary travel metaphor I'd say I was aiming for England and ended in China.  What happened without a primer or a white base coat (was almost out of white too)?  It took a good 4 coats to get the colour I was looking for. Baaah!

Secondly, I was bit messy painting the blue on and got bits of blue where I wanted to paint red.  Lesson learned, covering blue up with red is pretty much impossible.

Third and last mistake is really the worst, yet the least stupid mistake. Least stupid, because it was the hardest to see coming for me.  All those coats of paint actually added enough volume to the drawers and the inside of the chest (which only has two coats) that the bottom right drawers are a very tight fit now (not at all easy to open or close).  Arrrgghh! I'm still finishing the project (possibly sanding the sides of the tight drawers a bit too), but I'm not a happy camper.  Worst case I will use the drawers and the shelves separately, I guess.

Have you ever made painting mistakes like these?