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Chachachachachangeeees and Catching Up

It has been a very difficult period of my life and I had to do a lot of soul-searching and finding myself, but I'm back and more awesome than ever!  As a theme song for this period in my life, please let this play in another tab while you read this post and possibly the next post too: David Bowie's Changes.  

I have been away for about two months and I must apologize for my absence to anyone who actually reads this blog.  I had to do an "Eat, Pray, Love" type of soul-searching break sans the travels to exotic lands and I will post some philosophical writings soon regarding my state-of-mind, but before that I want to share with you some of my newest creations and therefore entries for ‪#‎2015PCChallenge‬.

Most of these are coming soon to Etsy and links will be added to the Etsy listings as soon as I have a chance to post them. :)  Enjoy!

9 weeks worth of stuff:

Entry for the Michaels Spring Time in Paris contest.

It was inspired by spring time images of Paris and the gardens of Versaiiles.

Custom order for a lovely customer. Click on image to see listing. $80 CAD for custom box.Gandalf's rune magnetSator square magnet.

I ship Destiel magnet. I don't ship Destiel, but I respect the idea... :P

OOAK alien planet earrings.

Purple dragon ornament/pendants. The backs are also finished.

Treble clef pendant/ornament with Swarovski crystals.

Moon drop necklace with Swarovski crystals. Original design as per usual.

Triangle necklace inspired by the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris.



The Golden Snitch is on Etsy

You can click on the image to see the listing and more images!


Project is Finished, Phew!

With all the clutter gone and my studio looking so pretty, I finally sat down to finish my first project for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.  I made these earrings and pendant with scraps left over from a cane I was experimenting with.

I think I might wear these very soon.

Have a super day or night, wherever and whenever you are!



Varnishes and Polymer Clay: A Review of Glazes

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best glaze because you will be hearing different things from different people all over the internet and will ultimately become unsure and waste a lot of money.  Just like I did!


Sculpey Glazes were the first ones I tried:

• Small size and high price.

• The glossy one yellowed and thickened in the jar after a year and a half.  

• The satin one dulled glitter and mica powders when applied (it completely took the metallic look away)

• On finished projects, it was easy to dent with a fingernail and scratched just as easily, so I started look for an alternative.

• Dries super fast.

• Did not try on anything other than polymer clay.

• No toxic fumes or odour.

Conclusion: Might be better to buy it to use it up all at once and only on items that will not be touched very often.


Triple Thick:

• Takes very long to dry.

• Remain flexible, but is also easily dented.

• Creates a decent depth effect without the use of resins, but definitely doesn't look as professional or level as UV resin does.

• Good price point.

• No weird odour.

Conclusion: Might be better for home or school projects and not for professional use


Varathane Brand Water-Based Varnishes (Interior)

Can be baked to make more durable.

• Both gloss or semi-gloss are great.

• Can product is more durable than tube Varathane.  Great for jewelry.  Still dries relatively fast.

• The Varathane in the tube dries faster, but isn't as durable even after baking.  Possibly better for products that will not be in constant use.

• The can developed rust around the lid and now rust is falling inside the Varathane. Also the can is a pain to open and close. :(

• The tubes are easy to keep clean and open and close.

• Good price point

• My favourite glaze for all polymer clay projects.


Liquitex Glazing Medium

 I actually bought this one to seal paper or Kroma Crackle with and haven't yet tried on clay.  I assumed, since it's acrylic medium that it would be fine, but cannot offer any advice.  Great for sealing Kroma Crackle, paintings on canvas, acrylic paint on wood and decoupaging. Have you tried it with clay?  How did it turn out?

Hope you found this helpful.  Feel free to share any additional comments you have on these or other glazes you have tried on polymer clay.



Back to Claying and Crafting (P.S: I need your help!)

Hey, you... Thanks for stopping by.  Perhaps you found this post with a google search or you clicked on a link I or someone else posted.  No matter.  You're here and I'm honoured to have you.  If you go back a couple posts, you will notice that I spent the last few days of 2014 and the first few days of 2015 de-cluttering re-organizing my home.  It had been a few years since we moved last and things had gotten a little away from me.  After a full week of de-cluttering, I have become a bit more ruthless and have found that I could get rid of even more. So, it's not over yet, but I can finally see the light and after garbage is picked up this week, I will clean the house top to bottom to put an end to this madness.

Now that my studio and sewing room are looking and feeling so much better, I think it's time I go back to my crafting. 

Here are a few things on my list of crafts:

• Finish and post the WIP items from yesterday's post (therefore meeting my 2015 PCChallenge quota for the week)

• Upcycle these two items (Not sure how yet, may just paint or decoupage, or paint and add some poly-clay flourishes):

This was for the bathroom, but didn't really fit well and I need some shelves for my oodles of doodles, soooo...

IKEA wooden thingy with a Swedish name (no longer available-bought years ago and never got around to painting it)

• Make a new box (possibly OOAK), maybe a Harry Potter inspired one with a golden snitch on it:

This is just the pendant on an unfinished box, to see if I like the idea. I kinda do...

Now, these are quite a few thing to finish in the next week or two, so I need your help.  Can you please help me decide what to do with the wooden shelf and the box unit?  If you help me brainstorm I will be very grateful. The hardest part of crafting is the deciding...

Should I:

• Decoupage these -with old music sheets or maps?

• Paint and decorate with stencils or polymer clay flourishes?

• Just paint?

• Do you have another awesome idea?  Please share!

Thank you so much for reading and I'm looking forward to reading your opinions!