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A Very Delightful Visit to Michaels, Work in Progress and Other Stories...

As mentioned yesterday, I had a nice Michaels visit yesterday and they had an additional 25% off coupon for one day only, so I got some great items:  

Lots of new acrylic paint - some are metallic and are going to look great on the boxes I got. I want to design some new boxes for jewelry or dice, hence the wooden boxes. Finally got a great new work surface: The We R Memory Keepers Precision Glass Cutting Mat and can tell you even after one use, that it's worth every penny. Super happy to have a work surface that is big enough, I can cut on, easy to clean and non-stick!  I also bought a little drawer unit to start my second studio (yup I have two rooms of craft tools and supplies, the one room needs to be cleaned and tidied before it can be called a studio though).  

When I got home, I realized that my purchases would give me something to blog about.  For example, I made my first "test" notepad and it turned out pretty good (used the Tacky Glue in the photo).  I will be making a second, much prettier version to show you very soon.  After the notepad, I wanted to try out my wonderful new work surface (see last paragraph) and I have been thinking about a golden snitch inspired necklace; therefore, that's exactly what I decided to make:


Although it's still in the prototype phase, I'm quite happy with what I made.  I will be posting images of this necklace as soon as I have it ready for Etsy, but just wanted to share what I really love about this piece: my interpretation of the golden snitch rocks and the metallic lustre accents made possible with the Metallic Lustre Wax by DecoArt.  That made me realize that I should write a review of this great product and show you how I have used it- it really deserves its own post, but a quick summary for the moment:

• So far I'm super pleased with results I had both on wood and on polymer clay.

• I only have silver and gold colours at the moment because not all colours are easy to find in Canada (or they are ridiculously over-priced).

• I want to try them all, especially the black shimmer,

• A review is definitely on the way!


Thanks for reading!  









How I Missed Out on the Best Christmas Present Ever: The NEVERknead

Bah!  This year I completely dropped the ball and didn't ask for the right present.  Normally I know exactly what I want or at least what I really need.  I always need things for my business, so I asked for Michaels gift cards and then today, on Christmas eve, when it's too late to ask for things, I came across this:

Click on the image above to be taken to the NEVERknead website.

This is an amazing invention called the NEVERknead.  It's simple, built with metal and acrylic and created by a fellow polymer clay artist, Debra Ann. It's a great solution to a problem I often complain (mostly by the way of muttering under my breath as I clay and binge-watch a TV Show on Netflix) about.

The most time consuming part of  working with polymer clay is kneading and colour mixing.  Usually, my hands hurt the next day after a big claying day.  The lovely NEVERknead would make claying all that much easier and more fun.  It's now on top of my wish list.  If I can't get it by then,  I know what my birthday present will be!  


WIP: Foxes, Birds and Plants

Wanted to share some work in progress.  As these are just first prototypes/tries, please excuse the imperfections:

Silly Little Foxes

Shy Blue Bird

Enthusiastic Plant


Challenge Accepted! (and Two Custom Necklaces)

Just like anything, once you get used to blogging on a regular basis, it's supposed to become a habit and it also is supposed to become easier.  So, in light of that and the fact that posting more often should grow my audience, I have decided to do my very very best to try and post something everyday for the next 29 days (30 including yesterday's post).  I will probably need encouragement and love at some point, but I leave that to you guys.

Here are some pieces I have made for a custom order:

(As always, click on the image for the listing to see more images)

This treble clef took many hours to design and probably another hour or so to make the final version, but I think it was worth it!

I think I like the purple dragon better than the gold and silver ones I made previously.   As hubby says "it's more dragon-like".  What do you think?  Should I offer this for sale?






New stuff coming today!

First of all: Thank you everyone who supported me and my work at #TorCon last weekend.  You were my first customers, so I'm eternally grateful and I hope to see you again as soon as I can decide which con to go to next.


WELL then... I was extremely busy the last couple weeks, therefore I couldn't blog or post any new products on Etsy, but that will all change today when I post a whole new product series... I will get to that in a bit.

What kept me so busy?

The Salute to Supernatural Convention Toronto (or #TorCon)!

I had been to TorCon several times already as a fan of the show and for a couple of years now I have been considering becoming a vendor at the show.  Finally I felt ready to embark on this adventure and registered as a vendor.  Of course I didn't give myself tons of time (for legitimate, but confidential reasons ;)) to prepare so I was left with just 1 week to produce the merchandise, get displays, business cards, etc.  It was a whirlwind of a prep week and I worked about 15 hours a day for 6 days in a row, but I made it!  

It was the first time ever bringing my product to my target market physically and I was nervous to see if I would sell anything.  It turns out people love the crafts I make and are willing to pay for it!  Hurray!

I didn't become an overnight sensation or anything, but I made my money back for my investments (displays and packaging, supplies, table cost, etc.) and learnt some valuable lessons in regards to my target market and what actually sells.  All-in all, I was not compensated for my time with (much) money, but with experience and that is more than OK for me.  

Bonuses of the weekend:  I met a ton of amazing people whom I have common passions and interest with, I got to attend Misha's and Jared and Jensen's panels, Misha came into the vendor area on Sunday and said hi and I talked (rather briefly) to Osric when he came by on Saturday dressed as Jupiter (from Sailor Moon).

The last couple days I have been working on getting all my new merchandise photographed and today I will be putting everything on Etsy, so if you want some fandom goodies for Supernatural (and Sherlock), keep an eye out.

Can't wait to start selling things on Etsy too.  

FYI: I can customize everything I make, all you gotta do is ask!