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Nautical or Mythical: More Necklaces!

This new batch of jewelry was made with this question in mind: "What kind of jewelry do I want to wear to express myself and look amazing at the same time?".  The anchor and dragon scales are newer than the compass, but I decided to sell the compass as a necklace with a chain instead of just the pendant.  Looks like like I have an artistic style now and it makes me super happy to see that!  I absolutely love playing with clay!

Click on the images to see more photos and details.

Comments, questions and shares are always welcome! :)



The Golden Snake: Another OOAK Necklace Set

Another painstakingly made OOAK jewelry set by yours truly.  Sparkly Swarovski crystals add another dimension of pretty to the handmade pieces.  Now available on Etsy.  Click on image for further details.

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The Ultimate Answer: OOAK Necklace and Earring Set

Steampunk meets Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in this unique jewelry set.  I wanted to create something dressy and beautiful, yet geeky when I started and I think I achieved my goal!  To non-geeks it will just appear to be a gorgeous necklace and yet when geeks lay eyes on this, they will be fascinated!  If you feel a little overwhelmed, just turn over to see the words "DON'T PANIC" written in large friendly letters...  Made with polymer clay, UV resin, freshwater pearls and vintage watch parts.

You can get your own custom version made too.  Any questions or comments welcome...

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Finished some WIPs!

Compass rose pendant and other jewelry and accessories.

Finally had some time and the right frame of mind to work on posting stuff on Etsy.  I'm super excited to share! Yay!

Click on image below for compass rose listing and item details...

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Poly-Clay Avengers

There is no need to ask me why these two are my favourite Avengers, I will tell you: It's because they are the best looking!  

Made these two figures a few months back and can make them again for sale if you want to buy!  They are about 2" tall.