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Mjolnir - Who's Worthy?  Recap!

Who's heart didn't skip a beat when they saw this scene?  I know I watched it over and over again... It turns out Sam WAS worthy, but do you know who else was?  Here is a poster to help you quickly catch up on your knowledge of Mjolnir wielding heroes and villains.

When I originally posted the below design (which I created), I don't think it got the love it deserved for several reasons, but mainly because I didn't have as much of an audience and social media presence.  Since it was a lot of work (I drew Mjolnir from scratch) and it looks super awesome, I want to share again!

It's not exactly an infographic, but it would make a badass poster. Would you put this on your wall? If your answer is "yessss!" than leave a comment and I will redesign to print-size and make it available on Etsy for your adoption.

Copyright Rose Sicard. Do not repost or reuse without written permission or clear attribution and link.


2 More Days Left (Including Today) Plus Sam Winchester

All character and image rights belong to Warner Bros.

You might already know who that beautiful man is.  If you don't, his name is Jared Padalecki and the role he is most known and loved for is Sam Winchester (as seen above).  This is kind of like those images of bikini-clad sexy women you see baiting people to click on their link.  Usually the bikini lady has nothing to do with wherever the link leads you (OK, yeah I wanted to test my theory and clicked).  In my case I put Jared's image as the image for the post for two reasons.

• He is a gorgeous and talented sweetheart and seeing him makes me happy.

• He stars in my favourite TV show: Supernatural.

You can wipe the drool off of your chin, I'm changing the subject.

Woohooo! 2 More days for the 30-Day blogging challenge (completely personal challenge to activate my year of change).  I can foresee a lot more life-changing events this year and I suspect they won't all be good ones.  At this time I'm going through some stuff that I'm not ready to share publicly so some days I find writing even harder.  

What I've so far learnt from this challenge:  

Writing everyday is hard and it takes up valuable crafting time, but it has increased my audience and I assume that will continue to happen if I can stick to a writing schedule.

After blogging everyday, blogging 3 times a week should seem easy.

• I definitely cannot blog every day.

• If you make a blogging calendar, it really helps finding things to write about.

• Bookmark every awesome website, blog, product, tutorial, etc. to make sure that you have stuff to blog about in a pinch because, life happens.

• Also I've learnt that I'm now very confused about spelling some words because Americans, Canadians and Brits never agree on spelling (I mean which one is it, instalment or installment? Sheesh!) and I was taught British English, have spent a lot of time in the States and now live in Canada.

OK, so I will reflect upon the challenge more, once I'm finished with it.  Tomorrow is the last day.

P.S: I have to prepare an order to ship tomorrow and have an early day, so not much today, but I will be claying tomorrow and working on the box (fingers crossed, if chaos will stay away) and have something more exciting to write about.




Polymer Clay: Sam and Dean Winchester

Being a huge fan of Supernatural and the handsome Winchester brothers, I decided to make some polymer clay fan art and my first try wasn't so pretty... This was the second trial and they turned out quite cute.  Will be putting the next set up for sale as soon as I can make them.