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Mjolnir - Who's Worthy?  Recap!

Who's heart didn't skip a beat when they saw this scene?  I know I watched it over and over again... It turns out Sam WAS worthy, but do you know who else was?  Here is a poster to help you quickly catch up on your knowledge of Mjolnir wielding heroes and villains.

When I originally posted the below design (which I created), I don't think it got the love it deserved for several reasons, but mainly because I didn't have as much of an audience and social media presence.  Since it was a lot of work (I drew Mjolnir from scratch) and it looks super awesome, I want to share again!

It's not exactly an infographic, but it would make a badass poster. Would you put this on your wall? If your answer is "yessss!" than leave a comment and I will redesign to print-size and make it available on Etsy for your adoption.

Copyright Rose Sicard. Do not repost or reuse without written permission or clear attribution and link.


Poly-Clay Avengers

There is no need to ask me why these two are my favourite Avengers, I will tell you: It's because they are the best looking!  

Made these two figures a few months back and can make them again for sale if you want to buy!  They are about 2" tall.