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It's Smauglock Time

by Sm0otchie on Deviant Art (Click Image for the artist's gallery

We are going to watch the Hobbit's third and last instalment finally.  I have been kind of reluctant to watch it to be quite honest.  As a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, I definitely am into the franchise, but a few things about the Hobbit trilogy tick me off:

1.  It's a trilogy.  Why was a very small book made into a trilogy?  So that more money could be made.

2.  They took out some characters and added in a girl elf; apparently because the Hobbit needed a romantic subplot. It didn't.

3.  Very distracting make-up mistakes.  Just watch the dwarves' hands...

I'll stop there.  So why would I even want to see it? Mainly because I saw the other two and want to wrap it up (and possibly complain more).  The other reason is my love of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  I love them in Sherlock and can't get enough of Cumberbatch's velvety deep voice.

Now, I will watch an episode of Sherlock with hubby (he hasn't seen season 3 yet) while continuing my DIY and tomorrow we will go and see the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  I probably will like it more than I hate it (both feelings will be present, that's for sure).  Either way: Hurray for Smauglock!



30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 24: 5 More Geektastic Crafts

I'm having a bit of a blogger's block (husband just asked if I was having this as he saw me delete the only sentence I was able to write) at the moment. In fact all I really want to do is clay tonight. Since the "5 Geektastic Crafts" post from last week was such a hit, I figured I should share some more geeky crafts with you!

Just click on the images below for the links.

DIY Lego Minifigure Display Frame by Our Nerd Home

Drooling over this one...

Isn't this delightfully chic and nerdy?!! These peeps are geniuses.


The Sting Plush by Choly Knight

Did you know that Sting's name comes from the Sting? Of course you did...

I have one of Choly's sewing books and I fully intend to make use of it in this upcoming year of craftiness.  She has a great eye of colour and design and her bog is fantastic too!


Dinosaur Bookends by Doodle Craft

Who knew you could make so many great things with dino toys?

I love the way these dinosaurs look as bookends, but personally I would prefer to use better glue than hot glue and not spray paint (just don't like spray paint in general), but Natalie's design is great to get one inspired to cut some dollar store dino toys up!


Luna Lovegood's Dirigible Plum Earrings by the Come and Go Room

Dirigible plums! I wonder what they would taste like... Not the earrings, the vegetable!

Luna Lovegood is one of my favourite Harry Potter characters and I love these earrings.  I may try my hand at beading eventually, just so I can make these!  

"Makers Gonna Make" Appliqué Pillow by A Beautiful Mess

Yup. That's right. Can't stop me.

Last, but not least, a dorky rather than geeky craft!  In fact this one makes me laugh every time I see it because I AM a HUGE dork!

Are you going to try and make anything inspired by these nerdy DIY projects?  Which one is your favourite?