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Challenge Accepted! (and Two Custom Necklaces)

Just like anything, once you get used to blogging on a regular basis, it's supposed to become a habit and it also is supposed to become easier.  So, in light of that and the fact that posting more often should grow my audience, I have decided to do my very very best to try and post something everyday for the next 29 days (30 including yesterday's post).  I will probably need encouragement and love at some point, but I leave that to you guys.

Here are some pieces I have made for a custom order:

(As always, click on the image for the listing to see more images)

This treble clef took many hours to design and probably another hour or so to make the final version, but I think it was worth it!

I think I like the purple dragon better than the gold and silver ones I made previously.   As hubby says "it's more dragon-like".  What do you think?  Should I offer this for sale?