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I Enjoy Cute Faces on Random Things

Yess!  I made it!  Today is technically the last day of my personal 30-day blogging challenge, but since I missed a post, I have to write something tomorrow to make up for it and end the challenge.  I'm actually working on some polymer clay tentacles and whatnot, but I found a super easy and equally adorable tutorial for you from Kao-Ani.com.

Click on the image to open the link in a new window.

The plants look like hair!

Mainly, I love the idea.  I would personally just cut vinyl because I have the tools to do so, but her way would work if you have the right punches too.  You could also paint the face on if you're good at freehand painting. Either way, wonderful idea!


Tutorial: Colour Inspiration Deck 

When crafting or painting, my biggest challenge has always been selecting a colour scheme that evokes the right emotions in my audience and also immediately pleases the eye.  I have colour theory books and a colour chart (pictured above that I use, plus Kuler on Adobe Illustrator for when I'm digitally designing/painting, but I still find it hard and time consuming.  


While I was starting my annual year-end de-cluttering festivities I found these paint sample booklets I had collected a few years back while I was planning to repaint.  They are laden with beautiful colour combos and I didn't want to throw them out.  As I looked through them, I realized I could make a little colour inspiration deck and about a half hour later I had one!  It's a very simple tutorial, so have a look at the images below for the instructions:

P.S: Please use what you already have lying around, you don't have to use paint samples, you can easily use magazine clippings or other items... I feel like it wouldn't be right to go collect free paint sample brochures, etc. from hardware stores just to make this.

Hope you enjoy!  Please let me know what you think!  How do you get colour inspiration for your projects?  Are you a natural at colour selection?


Gemstone Garland Tutorial by Sara (Tell Love And Chocolate)

I love Sara's DIY projects and wanted to  share a link to one of her latest tutorials because it's fabulous!

Click the photo below to go to her website!