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WIP Anatomy Sculpts

I love Monster Clay and my Skullpt and Buff Granpa ;P




New city, new friends and new skills

It's almost been 2 years guys.  I can assume that anyone that doesn't know me has ong forgotten me... It's OK. I'm back with new adventures.  I moved to Vancouver last April and I haven't looked back.  This is where I belong.  Really.  As much as I don't believe in fatalistic generalisms as such;  this is the closest to feeling that I belong somewhere.  There is a lot more personal stuff there that I tend to want to skip over.  I have a more anonymous outlet for tat stuff.  For you, I have a progress update instead.  


My crafting has taken a new route.  I still love making things, but I decided to grow and become a zillion times better by actually learning to sculpt properly.  Decided to go after the dreams I had thought were too lofty.  I am well on my way.  I might be broke, I might be over-worked and I might be living the student life I thought I had grown out of 15 years ago, but you know what?  I don't think I have ever been more proud of myself. Comfort zones are for the boring,  I like lving on the ouytskirts of my comfort zone;  it makes me feel alive.

I'll just leave these WIP images right here...  

Haven't I gotten to a whole new level?  Haven't I?  I know there is a lot more learning and doing involved; in fact the growth never ends in this artistic/business endeavour, but still, I gotta acknowledge how far I've come.

First up is my first large sculpt and the resulting foam latex prosthetic:







A wench, some cats and a goddess...

Some recent sketches... 

Firstly, the girls, well, girl and Goddess actually...


Athena... She's an ongoing project.  Probably the only one of these sketches that will be more than what you see here (except the cats who will become clay cats).

This one started out as a free doodle (meaning I just started with the triangle in the middle and let my mind loose).  What do you think it looks like? I only noticed it once I stopped to take a look at the shape that emerged.  Freud with have a lot of fun with this one.

Cat Overlord is my favourite of course...I think I need to make some clay cats stat.  

Of course, some Supernatural has to sneak its way in there.  Life is just incomplete without my boys.

Stay tuned for a polymer clay update.


Chachachachachangeeees and Catching Up

It has been a very difficult period of my life and I had to do a lot of soul-searching and finding myself, but I'm back and more awesome than ever!  As a theme song for this period in my life, please let this play in another tab while you read this post and possibly the next post too: David Bowie's Changes.  

I have been away for about two months and I must apologize for my absence to anyone who actually reads this blog.  I had to do an "Eat, Pray, Love" type of soul-searching break sans the travels to exotic lands and I will post some philosophical writings soon regarding my state-of-mind, but before that I want to share with you some of my newest creations and therefore entries for ‪#‎2015PCChallenge‬.

Most of these are coming soon to Etsy and links will be added to the Etsy listings as soon as I have a chance to post them. :)  Enjoy!

9 weeks worth of stuff:

Entry for the Michaels Spring Time in Paris contest.

It was inspired by spring time images of Paris and the gardens of Versaiiles.

Custom order for a lovely customer. Click on image to see listing. $80 CAD for custom box.Gandalf's rune magnetSator square magnet.

I ship Destiel magnet. I don't ship Destiel, but I respect the idea... :P

OOAK alien planet earrings.

Purple dragon ornament/pendants. The backs are also finished.

Treble clef pendant/ornament with Swarovski crystals.

Moon drop necklace with Swarovski crystals. Original design as per usual.

Triangle necklace inspired by the glass pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris.



A Little Break

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to write a few lines to apologize for my current absence.  I'm not ready to go into detail, but I'm going through a bit of a major life event (not a joyful one either)  and have had to focus on some other work to ensure I can get through this time. I know I will be OK and I will come out of this as a better, stronger, more independent person, but I need some time to realign my mind and get away from my normal routine.

I will be blogging again soon, so please stop by to read previous posts or drop me a line of encouragement.

Thanks for understanding!